The teaching has really enriched my understanding of God and His word

Paula McCall

Prayer & Support

Providing pastors and missionaries for our churches is at the heart of IBC’s vision. The vision commenced with the founding of the College in 1892 and continues today. Central to the vision is the gospel and the training of men & women for gospel ministry and mission. It is this emphasis which effectively prepares students for long-term gospel ministry and mission at home and overseas.

Hopefully you have seen for yourself here on the site the various courses that can be taken, opportunities in which the students can avail and read some of their stories.


In all we do in the college we believe on being prayerfully dependant on our gracious Heavenly Father.

We would love for you to support us by being a praying Friend of the College. Please pray regularly:

  • for the students and staff in all we do giving thanks for all that God has done through us by his Spirit for the glory of Jesus.
  • that God will continue to provide the College with the resources, staff, facilities and financial support needed to serve the needs of our students.

Friends of the College

Please sign up using the form at the bottom of the page, to our monthly "Friends of the College" update so you can pray effectively for what is going on in the College.

Friends of the College

Financial Support

The College seeks to maintain fees at a reasonable level to ensure that training is accessible to all those who wish to study. However that means that we depend on Churches and individuals to supply approximately one third of our ongoing running costs. Follow the links to see how you can help us achieve this.

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