I have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and the invaluable teaching which I know will be of such benefit wherever God places me

Elvin Gilmore

External Examiner

In order to maintain high academic standards the Irish Baptist College actively engages external expertise. The primary avenue for this is the use of an external examiner. An external examiner provides impartial and independent scrutiny and approval of our provision leading to academic qualifications. They also offer comments on the academic standards of courses and ensure that the awarding of marks is fair. Working in partnership with the University of Chester, the external examiner ensures that what the College offers is of the highest academic standards.

At present Professor Gerald L. Bray is our external examiner. He is Research Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Alabama. Professor Bray has worked in theological education for more than four decades, lecturing and teaching across the globe. He is a prolific author, among his most recent publications are: God is Love: A Biblical and Systematic Theology (Crossway, 2012), God has Spoken: A History of Christian Theology (Crossway, 2014),  and a commentary on the Pastoral Epistles (T. & T. Clark, 2019). In addition to numerous scholarly articles and essays, Professor Bray is Associate Editor for Evangel and European Journal of Theology. He maintains membership in the Tyndale Fellowship and Latimer Trust Council among many other academic societies.

Note: Under no circumstances are students permitted to independently contact the external examiner. If the student wishes to engage formally with the quality management process, there are appropriate mechanisms in place at the University of Chester, further guidance on which can be obtained from the AQSS section on Portal.

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